Advanced algorithms and mathematical models created to assist the athletes and the coaching staff in perfectioning the player’s individual skills and the team’s game-plan in real time.

Advanced stats live, with immediate visualization, that are settled on the goals selected by the coaching staff and by the athlete for one main purpose:

optimize the performance.



The game-plan is the set of all the collective automatisms that transform a group of athletes into a winning squad.

Giving an immediate feedback to the athletes during the game is crucial. Just the essential information, 100% reliable. Settex gives the exact perception of what the opposing setter is doing.

Andrea Giani

Modena Volley Coach


Individual skills and their correct teaching process must be part of an athlete’s and a coach’s knowledge.

We have set Movida’s eye on my players and it has proved to be a must-have tool to analyze up to the smallest details and improve exactly where we need in order to be winners.

Michele Totire

volley coach

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