On the 24th and 25th of September Math&Sport will take part in one of the most important events in the football industry

Math&Sport is ready for another important international event: the World Football Summit in Madrid. Gilberto Pastorella, Math&Sport’s Product Manager will be at the event both days to share ideas with some of the most important clubs, leagues and companies of the industry. 

Here Gilberto Pastorella’s words: The World Football Summit is for sure one of the events you have to be if you work in the football industry. Football is a business, and like every other business in this century it has to embrace technology and bigh data science, to optimize players’ performance but not only for that. Every company, every league, every club is looking at the best way to create value out of the data they generate, and events like the WFS are the place where everyone can share ideas on these important topics. Math&Sport will be in Madrid to discuss about our products and solutions with all the spanish and international teams and organization that are lined up as guests or speakers for the event. This is for us a great opportunity to put our solutions in the hands of the best experts in the industry, pushing the business in an international dimension after all the great feedback we received in Italy in the last year”.

More info about the summit available at: