Mohamed (nickname Mekki) comes from Cairo and few months ago joined Math&Sport’s team, turning two passions into work: Artificial Intelligence and football. Here is his story.

The Story of Mekki


Mekki studied mechatronics in Cairo and then completed his education at the “La Sapienza” University (Rome), studying Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. He says: “I like math in general and Artificial Intelligence. Until only few years ago, Artificial Intelligence was not as famous as it is now; it was new and I was very interested in learning about this field. So I moved to Rome to learn more about this subject. In Rome, during my studies, I put into practice my knowledge in different projects of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. I then learnt about Math&Sport and moved to Milan, joining the team last year ”.




Between Football and Artificial Intelligence, at work to bring the Virtual Coach to the bench



Mekki played soccer and his passion never left him: “When I was a teenager I used to play football and I’m passionate about this sport: I always follow it! At some point in my life I had to choose whether to continue playing soccer or graduating. I chose the degree. The passion for football, however, has never left me: finding a job that would allow me to combine soccer and Artificial Intelligence was a dream come true ”.

Mekki is one of the developers working in Math&Sport on the new Apps that are going to bring the Virtual Coach to the bench alongside analysts and coaches and Augmented Reality to the stadium. He is experiencing football from a new point of view!




Technology as an opportunity



The story of Mekki opens the way to the eternal doubt with which everyone sooner or later find themselves having to deal: is it possible to really manage to transform a passion into a job? Judging by the words of our young developer, it seems so: “There is always a way in life to find what you like. You just have to look for it. “

In the search for everyone’s own path, technology can now make an important contribution. Mekki is firmly convinced: “The world is changing and technology offers opportunities that were not there just few years ago. And in this sense, young people have more chances to build their future! “.