Founded in 2016, and part of the PoliHub network, Math&Sport is inspired and promoted by the mathematician Alfio Quarteroni and by the Ing. Ottavio Crivaro. After gaining an impressive résumé in the application of mathematical models on industrial field, they decided to face the challenge of professional sport.

The sporting sector is always looking for the latest technology, because the competition and the struggle for results generate a constant tension towards excellence. This effort is reflected in the obsessive construction of every little aspect of the performance and in the search for increasingly complete and engaging tools for the final enjoyment of the audience.

Contemporary sport is a complex phenomenon and is subject to several variables, usually considered unpredictable, that we try to track by generating a considerable amount of statistical data.



Our mission is the transformation of this volume of information from a simple statistical curiosity, or the object of a post-game analysis, to a tool able to improve performances in real time. Math&Sport applies advanced mathematical models and machine learning algorithms to sport, supporting the athletes and the coaching staff in optimizing the performance of the player’s individual skills and the implementation live of game’s tactics.

The algorithms extrapolate from the multiplicity of available data, defined as big data, only the information that has a real value for the improvement of the performance, the so-called smart data. Advanced statistics of what is happening on the court, accompanied by an immediate reading key, set on the goals selected by the coaching staff and by the athlete, perfect for improving the game-plan in real time and for taking care of the development of the player’s individual skills.



Success in sport is achieved thanks to the perfect combination of two separate and distinct components: the player’s individual skills and the team’s game-plan. Math&Sport helps the pros’ in the development of both.

Individual skills and their correct teaching process must be part of an athlete’s and a coach’s knowledge. The greater the effectiveness of the movement, the greater the impact of the single play will be on the final outcome of a match, or of a competition. The sophisticated Math&Sport algorithms support the pros’ in identifying the behaviors and causes of a specific movement, helping them to choose the corrective measures necessary to optimize each technical gesture.

Team’s game-plan is the set of all the collective automatisms that transform a group of athletes into a winning squad. For the definition of a perfect game-plan you need experience, intuition and a complete knowledge of your athletes. Math&Sport’s mathematical models are advanced tools that provide the technical staff a specific series of smart data, live, during the game. Customized stats, modulated on the needs of the team, and aimed at offering an immediate reading key of the field’s dynamics in support of the coach’s decision making.



Math&Sport has a number of important collaborations, and the list of those who decide to be supported by our products in the pursuit of excellence continues to grow.

Andrea Giani, former volleyball player, currently coach of the German National Team.

Davide Mazzanti, coach of the Italian National Volleyball Team, silver medalist in 2018 World Cup and European bronze medalist in 2019.

Mauro Berruto, manager and coach, currently Technical Director of the Italian Archery Federation.

CONI, Italian National Olympic Committee.

The Coverciano Federal Technical Center – FIGC.