In team sports, the strategy adopted and the tactical decisions are fundamental to win. Artificial Intelligence algorithms developed by Math&Sport allow real-time analysis of athletes’ behavior and game patterns to support coaches in defining winning tactics in the attack phase but also during defense. Thanks to advanced algorithms that process the data coming from different detection systems, coaches can have tactical information and indicators to optimize their playbook or contrast the opposing strategy.

Within this context, Math&Sport, in collaboration with some important national volleyball teams, has developed SeTTEX (Second Touch Tactical Exploration), an app dedicated to the world of volleyball. SeTTEX studies the opposite setter’s strategy during the games and allows coaches, through a simple tablet, to access the useful analysis at that precise moment.

For the world of football, an App is arriving that can provide technical staff with useful information to improve the strategy of the game. The launch of the App developed by Math&Sport is scheduled for the beginning of 2020. Among the many variables that can be measured and calculated during a match, the Artificial Intelligence algorithms developed by Math&Sport know how to identify those that have the highest influence on the performance of the team in every specific moment. We at Math&Sport support the technical staff with Smart Data, useful information when they are needed, in real time!


SeTTEX (Second Touch Tactical Exploration) uses advanced algorithms to analyse in real time how the setter is playing and allows coaches to take better tactical decisions thanks to this information.