Great news for Math&Sport from the World Football Summit 

Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and data driven fan engagement strategies as main topics at the World Football Summit in Madrid

After 2 very intense days at the World Football Summit, Math&Sport Product Manager Gilberto Pastorella speaks about his experience in Madrid and the takeaways of the event:

“The two days at WFS have been great. I head back to Italy with more energy and motivation than ever. AI, performance analysis and data analytics for fan engagement were hot topics both during the conferences and in the networking sessions and social events. The trends for these markets is of constant double figure growth and all the stakeholders in the industry need good partners in their innovation process. Having the opportunity to discuss with experts from more than 20 countries and all the continents has given me a lot of insights on the need for a Glocal strategy, given the different dynamics that every country or every club has. Having a customizable product, and one that is ready to be integrated into other platforms is a great value in our proposition. In the next months, we will continue the discussions that we have opened in these 2 days, and we hope to come back here in Madrid in 2020 with more great things to show and discuss!”