Lega Serie A to adopt the “Football Virtual Coach”

First impressions by Ottavio Crivaro, CEO of M&S

In today’s press release Lega Serie A announced the partnership with Math&Sport, to present a new and innovative system that allow the coaching staffs to optimize the performance of their teams: the “Footbal Virtual Coach”.

Here the words of Ottavio Crivaro, CEO of Math & Sport, directly from Barcelona.

The one with Lega Serie A is a prestigious partnership and the “Football Virtual Coach” is a revolutionary tool, what are the first sensations after the press release?

OC: “The main feeling right now is certainly pride. Pride for the extraordinary work made by the M&S team prevails above everything at the moment. Being able to produce a tool with such complexity, both architectural and software, was anything but a granted conclusion. Our project is a testimony of Italian creativity in innovation, also improved by the exceptional nature of the partner. Lega Serie A has extraordinary potential and this has allowed us to exponentially raise the bar. ”

What were the main problems during the creation process?

OC: “Over the months, we faced many critical points. It was absolutely predictable in the creation of such a complex instrument. The complete vision of all the elements of the system materialized along the way, helping our engineers to modulate the work without ever losing sight of our final goal, which has never changed since day zero. If I had to choose a particularly relevant turning point, I would choose the test we had on last spring. We tried the prototype in the field and we realized how the complexity of the product was very satisfactory in terms of performance but it was not very intuitive for the staffs, who use the software in real time. At that exact moment we realized that to complete the tool it was necessary to work on the immediacy of the translation to be offered to the coach. ”

What are the peculiarities of the “Football Virtual Coach”?

OC: “The most intriguing element is the relationship between the complexity of the mathematical-technological structure of the instrument and the final simplicity of the product, which has been designed specifically to offer live support for the decision-making of coaches. Push notifications arrive directly on the tablet, accompanied by an immediate reading key and set on personalized parameters, previously chosen by the coaches. Meanwhile the collected data are automatically refreshed every forty milliseconds. It was a huge challenge ”.

How does it taste to present it during the “Barca Sport Technology Symposium”?

OC: “It’s a medal. Like any medal it’s prestigious and has two sides, both important and both made of the same metal. On one hand it’s an important moment for Lega Serie A, which is among the symposium speakers for the very first time. They will present the tool in the “What’s Next “panel together with the Premier League. On the other hand it’s a moment of absolute prestige for M&S and the beginning of our active role in shaping the sport of the future. I remember coming here, during the past editions, as a simple expert, because anyone, I repeat anyone who wanted to learn about the innovations of technology in sport, have to attend the Symposium. But with our staff we had promised ourselves that, as soon as possible, we would return to the Camp Nou to show our vision of the future with facts. And so it was, with the extra satisfaction of bringing a completely Italian product ”.

What is the next step?

OC: “This is definitely a starting point. Sure: it’s an important project, but not the only final goal. Our main goal was to generate value for the first stakeholders, the sports clubs, offering them a tool to optimize the performance of players on the field. The next goal will be to move the bar and use our technology to improve the experience of the audience too. Our system is 5G Ready, and has been developed thanks to our victory in the “action for 5G” challenge by Vodafone Italy. In the near future it’s possible to imagine a football fan, at the stadium, enjoying a new experience thanks to applications for augmented reality from his smartphone with 5G technology”.

Here the link to the original press release by Lega Serie A: http://www.legaseriea.it/en/press/news/info/lega-serie-a-and-mathsport-present-the-football-virtual-coach