Math&Sport @ Sports Technology Symposium

On the 14th and 15th of November Math&Sport will be at the Sports Technology Symposium of Barcelona. The event is organized by the Barca Innovation Hub, a pole created by the blaugrana’s organization as a laboratory of innovation and as a place to meet for all the realities that are actively defining the sport of the future.

The Sports Technology Symposium, now at its fifth edition, is a consolidated event and every year it hosts many universally recognized players of sport’s excellence. The forum was established to share innovative ideas and relevant experiences on how technology is changing the sports industry in all its forms. The recent changes in sports related to technology have been, almost all of them, initially discussed in the panels of the Sport Technology Symposium, within the walls of the Camp Nou.

The 2019 edition, to be held on November 14th and 15th, has a list of truly remarkable speakers, representatives of pioneering realities, active in defining the sport of the future. Representatives of the Premier League, Serie A, NBA, Uefa, LaLiga, Formula1 and other iconic institutions will share the stage with the exponents of the brands and teams involved during the panels. Organizations of absolute prominence in the world sports universe: AC Milan, FC Barcelona, ​​Philadelphia 76ers, Los Angeles Dodgers and many others.

Not to be missed, among others, is the panel of Thursday the 14th (scheduled for 5.30 pm) “Data into the field”, intended to deal with the latest news concerning the use of analytics in sport, starting from the direct testimonials by David Sumpter, professor of applied mathematics at Uppsala University, the oldest university in northern Europe;  Sergi Oliva, Vice President of Strategy of the 76ers; Ian Graham, Director of Research at Liverpool FC and Charles Rohlf, NBA Statistic and Tracking Data Manager.

Equally awaited is the meeting scheduled for the following day, Friday the 15th at 11.15, where, Simon Kuper, journalist of the Financial Times, Steve Palmer, of the Premier League and Lorenzo Dallari, of the Italian Serie A, will discuss: “The Game , what’s next ”, how technology and smart data will influence sports performance and their optimization in the future.

The panels of the two-day event are truly impressive and Math&Sport’s team (with the CEO Ottavio Crivaro and the Product Manager Gilberto Pastorella) will bring all its knowledge and experience to share with the other guests.

To learn more about the news that will be presented in Barcelona, consult the news section where a detailed report of the event will be published.