The introduction

The platform dedicated to the analysis of all the official scouting data collected on the teams and players of A1 and A2 during the championship will be introduced over the weekend, during the Italian Cup finals. For the Smart Data Platform, this is the name of the portal, the phase of development and testing has come to an end. The tool, refined over the months also thanks to the precise feedback of the technical staff and the League itself, is definitively ready for adoption by all the teams, whose representatives will also be able to take advantage of the experience of Davide Mazzanti, coach of the National Team and profound connoisseur of Math&Sport products, who will speak at the event.


The genesis

The coaching staffs of a high-level team collects, analyzes and stores an important series of precise statistical data, relating to the performance of the team and of the individual players. The statistics collected become decisive in interpreting the progress of the game and creating a perfect game-plan to implement on the field, based on the history of the opposing team’s technical and tactical tendencies.

In the past this massive amount of data was collected following the special conventions established by the different coaching staffs, committed to focusing their statistical effort on a precise guideline of the tactical development. A huge collection of valuable information that was only minimally exploited. Starting from this assumption Math&Sport and the Lega Volley Femminile have decided to start a process of centralization and standardization of the collected statistics, in order to be able to return them to the teams within a platform with a very high technological potential, capable of transforming particular needs of individual teams in a large sentient database, able to support the coaching staffs in a totally innovative way.


The Score Factor

The Score Factor is an indicator written specifically for this tool by the Math&Sport staff. The revolutionary potential of this statistic is remarkable because it allows to assess the true overall impact of a player on the progress of the match. The analysis of the performance, in fact, indicates all the individual touches of the selected player, in order to value the impact that each ball has on the performance of her team. The other innovative aspects of the Score Factor must also be recorded. The value of each play is calculated considering the importance of the moment of the match and the general tendencies of the championship. The same play has a higher value if it is made as a set-point rather than on the score of 0-0, for example. Or: the effectiveness of a fast set, which is therefore useful for stealing timing to the defensive block, is mostly considered in a championship in which attackers with a smaller stature prevail.

The Score Factor algorithms evaluate the impact of each individual technical gesture in relation to the dynamics and the general tendencies of a championship, and then apply it to each player through a scale that is different for each role.

Through these filters, which have been refined thanks to the feedback of the experts, it is therefore possible to provide rankings of performance, updated on a monthly basis, capable of weighing the true effectiveness and impact on the final result of each individual player.


Team Factor

The second indicator written specifically for the Smart Data Platform is equally impressive: the Team Factor. This value offers an holistic evaluation of the performance of the athletes with respect to the general performance of their team. The game’s dynamics, which consider the particular style chosen by the coach, the different rotations and the general technical tendencies of the squad, return as the value on the effectiveness of the player with respect to the specific team performance.

This allows an extraordinary level of precision in the evaluation of the adaptability of an athlete to a technical context and the impact that the athlete has on the performance of the team; plus it provides the coaching staffs with detailed assessments to continue the search for the perfect optimization of their resources.


New Horizons

A number of other benchmarking analysis tools participate to complete the offer of the Smart Data Platform and to improve its usability.

It’s possible to compare the Score Factor of two athletes or evaluate the trend over time of the same player, in order to obtain information about her technical development. A Match-up analysis tool is also proposed, capable of simulating the different rotations that the staff of two teams could use to start the game, in order to predict the progress of it and suggest adaptations. And, finally, there is a video database, accessible through a large number of complex filters, which allows you to review all the plays that an athlete has made in a given game context over the weeks, months and even years.

The Smart Data Platform is an advanced and innovative tool that, transforming all the classic data collection techniques, offers the coaching staffs of each Lega’s team an immediate reading key of the statistical impact of the players.


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