Math&Sport @ Social Football Summit

A new prestigious appointment for Math&Sport staff; just returned from the Barcelona Symposium, our team is already awaited in Rome, to take part in the Social Football Summit, another international event dedicated to digital marketing, brand strategy and innovation in the football industry. Now in its third edition, the summit can also count, for the first time, on the patronage of the Lega Serie A. The event will host important international speakers, who will take on stage their specific competences concerning the most current issues of innovation in the sector.

After presenting, together with the Lega Serie A, the Football Virtual Coach to the major global players, within the walls of the Camp Nou, the appointment in Rome is the first real opportunity for confrontation between Math&Sport and the representatives of Serie A teams, which will be the main beneficiaries of this technological revolution. The panel, in which our Product and Account Manager Gilberto Pastorella will intervene, is scheduled for 11.05 on 20 November and the main points of discussion will become the object of further analysis on these columns.

“The Social Football Summit – Pastorella argues – is an important moment both for us and for the Lega Serie A. In addition to the clear prestige offered by such a showcase, this two-day event is the first opportunity to talk in detail about the Football Virtual Coach to the representatives of each team. Innovation is never just a technological issue, but also a change of cultural and communicative prospective, which requires a translation and a period of adaptation for mutual understanding.”

“The Football Virtual Coach, despite an intuitive and immediate interface, is a tool with a complex technical architecture, able to adapt to all the specific needs of each team and their technical staff. For this reason, explore its technological structure and learn how to take advantage of all its potential will be the first step forward to be able to use it as a real player’s performance optimizer. “

The Lega Serie A has already planned some moments dedicated to the collective update, which will be used by the teams to become familiar with this new technology signed by Math&Sport and available in the second half of the season. But what makes the Football Virtual Coach a real game changer are its infinite variations of customization, which can be modeled on the technical-tactical needs of the coaching staff, transforming the final version of the tool into the true technological expression of the coach’s prospective on the football game. Each team will have a direct and individual link with the Math&Sport experts, to be able to work together to develop a highly customized instrument, capable of providing an immediate interpretation to the statistical data collected, in order to optimize coach’s decision making and athlete’s performance.

“The Social Football Summit – concludes Pastorella – will be the perfect opportunity to collect the first questions from the teams and provide the first answers, useful to their future planning”.

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