Individual skills and their correct teaching process must be part of an athlete’s and a coach’s knowledge.

The only way to improve in the mastery of the fundamentals of a sport is to work hard on the repetition of the gesture’s mechanics. It’s the struggle for perfection that must be sought during the training sessions, always accompanied by an accurate analysis of the corrective measures to be made in real time during the practice.

The importance of technical skills for the optimization of the final performance is very significant: the greater the effectiveness of a movement and the greater is the impact of the single play on the outcome of a match, or of a competition in general.

The sophisticated Math&Sport’s algorithms support the pros’ in analyzing the athlete’s behaviors during the repetition of a specific technical gesture, helping them to identify and choose the corrections necessary for the perfect optimization of every movement on the court.

Movement’s Optimization, through Video and Data Analysis, or MOViDA, is a multi-sport platform that uses elaborate Artificial Intelligence mechanisms to transform the video footage of a training session into a set of data and indications. An innovative and fundamental tool, needed to aspire to excellence in mastering the individual skills at the highest levels.  

This work was co-funded by the Horizon 2020 projects EOSC-hub (grant number 777536)