Improve in many sports!

How to improve the fundamental movements of different sports? And how to optimize the playbook of the team for a particular match? Every sport has its peculiarities. In tennis, for example, excellent management of body weight and arm movements is required, so as to direct the ball exactly where you want it. For golf players, the backswing is the most important movement and every player needs to work on it. From athletics to archery to basketball, every sport has its specific technical gestures, each athlete has his talent and every coach has his own game tactics. Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Math&Sport analyzes the execution of gestures and draws “intelligent” information from movements and game strategies, in order to provide indications for a top performance!

MOViDA For Golf

The swing is central to the game of golf and every movement becomes fundamental. We at Math&Sport use MOViDA (Movement’s Optimization, through Video and Data Analysis) for the study of swing, so as to arrive at the optimization of the golfer’s performance.

The movement is traced through cameras configured to record specific gestures. Then, we extract the data thanks to advanced algorithms and analyze the speed of the individual gestures involving shoulder, arms, elbow, wrist for the duration of the swing.

Thanks to this study, each swing phase can be optimized and achieve perfect gestures.

MOViDA For Other Sports

We have tested MOViDA (Movement’s Optimization, through Video and Data Analysis) also in other sports. As for American Football, we studied the launch of the Quarter Back. Improving his launches is essential for optimizing the performance of the entire team.

MOViDA is also perfect in tennis: we analyze the individual movements of the arm and wrist that regulate the stroke to make it optimal. In this way the technical gesture of the tennis player is analyzed according to precise mathematical models and with scientific rigor. We also focused on Shot Putting, using the platform to study rotations and body movements. The goal is to support the athlete in his technical gesture to optimize his performance during the races.


Polifemo is an experimental project created in collaboration with Mauro Berruto, Technical Director of the Italian Archery Federation.

The reference to classical mythology, in particular to the Polyphemus Cyclops, effectively represents the potential of software. Just as Ulysses blinded the monster’s single eye with a wooden pole to which he sharpened the point, so the system can automatically identify the behavior of the arrows and their point of impact on the target through sophisticated algorithms.

Some video cameras are positioned below the targets, while a PC is positioned next to the archer. Before starting his training session, the archer enters his name, starting the training recording.

For each arrow shot, Polifemo automatically recognizes the point of impact on the target and, consequently, the score achieved. The data is saved in the database without the need for the shooter to move from his shooting position.


In this way, the archer has at his disposal information on his performance in an immediate and rigorous way, saving time to carry out the work by hand and gaining in quality.

But we at Math & Sport do not stop here and we are already working to optimize the system even more. The challenge is to identify the behavior of flying arrows to give the archer more and more intelligent information.


Football Virtual Coach at the Coppa Italia Final

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