Algorithms at the service of sports’ talent. This was the subject that attracted the large audience on Wednesday 30 January 2019 at the Politecnico di Milano, as part of the “Art and science” meetings series. Piercesere Secchi – professor of statistics at the Milan Polytechnic – and Davide Mazzanti, coach of the Italian women’s national Volleyball team, winner of the silver medal at the last World Cup, discussed about ‘Sport 2.0, between Big Data and talent management’.


Mazzanti e Secchi

Mazzanti and Secchi

Smart Data today can support coaches to look for the optimization of technical gestures and of game strategy and to enache the individual and team talent. Davide Mazzanti explains it well: “What Math&Sport does, is to investigate the each athlete’s behaviors and how a series of these actions leads to a particular event in the match”. Math&Sport is, as Piercesare Secchi underlines, looking for the “optimization of that gesture for that athlete with respect to that result”. With this process,Big Data then turns into Smart Data and sits on the bench alongside sports’ talents. It is the enhancement of a talent that leads to the birth of a champion.


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