A Virtual Coach to support the team

Soccer is changing shape. Math&Sport is delivering two new apps that will bring the Virtual Coach in the hands of the technical staff, and AR on the fans’ smartphones at the stadium, allowing them to follow the matches with new eyes. Both apps are developed ready for 5G and with innovative AI algorithms, making Big Data becoming Smart Data.

MOViDA For Football

Goalkeepers’ action is essential in a football match. To study their movement and improve dives and catches, we at Math&Sport have used MOViDA (Movement’s Optimization, through Video and Data Analysis).

MOViDA is a multi-sport platform that uses advanced algorithms to extract data, measurements and trajectories from camera shots, configured to record specific movements.

Thanks to the platform, we have the possibility to analyze reaction times, optimal angles of thrust, ability to repeat some movements, asymmetries and efficiency in gestures. The target? Optimize the goalkeeper’s actions for the best performance!

Smart Data Platform Soccer

In a soccer match all the players contribute with their actions to reach the final goal and it is fundamental that they occupy the correct positions in the playing field, in order to put in place a specific strategy.

Our Web App, Smart Data Platform Soccer, allows team to analyze the positional data of a football match to get information that goes beyond the traditional basic statistics.

The Web App contains many advanced proprietary algorithms that allow you to calculate important values, such as the effectiveness of the players, the breaking pressure and many other parameters defined by us in Math&Sport or that can be customized for individual teams.


Smart Data Platform Soccer can also extract parameters that have a specific meaning depending on the type of game or the individual game module.

Math&Sport is implementing a real revolution in soccer: passing from the simple description of the game with statistics of events around the ball to an analysis of parameters on all the players in every moment, to interpret the causes from which a specific action was generated.

We believe it is essential to extract valuable data, Smart Data, to help players and coaches achieve performance optimization and win.


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