November 2019 will surely be remembered for Math&Sport as the month of the Football Virtual Coach, the newest tool launched with Lega Serie A.

The product, which will be available for the coaching staffs starting from the second half of the season, confirms the great Italian creative potential, putting the excellence of this sector at the service of the maximum championship. Offering a tool able to optimize the performance of players on the court means participating in an improvement, not only of the team’s performance, but also of the spectacular nature of the service offered to the final user.

Innovation like this are never just a technological issue, but also a change of cultural and communicative prospective, which requires a translation and a period of adaptation for mutual understanding.

That’s why sharing the ideas of ​​the future of the big players of the sports industry (innovators, teams and institutions) is very important: to create a common dialectic that supports sport towards change.

Two prestigious events, have hosted the Math&Sport staff in recent weeks, invited to present his contribution to change and his vision of the main development trends taking place in the sport sector. The Barca Sports Technology Symposium, held at the Camp Nou and the Social Football Summit in Rome.

Precious opportunities to share the stage with some of the top international players, brainstorming about the future perspectives of technological innovation in sports.

Here some of the most intriguing ideas, emerged from the panels.


Audience and Fan Engagement

The number of visitors at the meetings was truly remarkable, despite the differences between the panels of the two programs. While the Symposium of Barcelona, ​​with its international breathe, qualifies as a mega hub on innovation, designed mainly for pro’s; the Rome Summit offer a list of guests able to wink, sometimes, to pure entertainment. In any case it’s indicative of the interest of the topics covered, to signal how the rooms were full also thanks to the presence of many young people and simple fans, rushed to update their knowledge on the future trends of the sector they love the most.

The topic of fan engagement is central to all the reflections inherent to the development of the sector, and it could not be otherwise, for an industry born thanks to the extraordinary ability of sport to attract the interest of the public. The fans always desire a point of observation more privileged and unique on the event, that is taking place on the court. Everything, when it comes to technology applied to sport, center around people (whether they are players, coaching staff or fans) and the ability to optimize performance for the pro’s and to improve the experience for the public.

Interesting in this sense, the presentation by the representatives of Formula 1 in Barcelona, ​​who presented their vision of the future of fan engagement. They realized, internally, how their viewers are used to enjoying the vision of the race, always keeping two screens monitored at the same time. TV and smartphones, TV and tablets, PCs and smartphones and so on, in search of a surplus of entertainment capable of corroborating the vision of the Grand Prix with an extra series of information, useful to enter into the competition in greater detail. Starting from here, Formula 1, has decided to launch a special app, very technical, built with the idea of ​​bringing the viewer onto the pit wall, through a screen, while with the other one he can enjoy the classic television prospective. The aim is to allow a better technical understanding for the fan, without filling the main screen with informations, and allowing him to live the experience of translating the data, collected in real time, into the strategies actually used by the teams.

An interesting starting point, which also provides some necessary toughs for imagining, in the near future, a similar experience linked to the game of football. To provide the football fans with a manageable and intuitive tool to help them enter into the technical development of the game while looking at it, at the stadium or sitting comfortably on the sofa.