What happens when one of the most talented Italian volleyball players meets mathematics? Volleyball and algorithms start to understand each other and form a winning team.


This is Andrea Giani’s story, a whole life on the volleyball court, first as a player, then as a coach. Math&Sport and Andrea Giani work together to find new ways of interpreting tactical patterns in volleyball: “This experience has opened up a new way of thinking. Sometimes, to step out of the usual logic we need someone to add a new element “.


Andrea Giani and Alfio Quarteroni


In psychology this is called “creative thinking”: a way of looking at problems or situations from a fresh perspective thus suggesting unorthodox solutions . This is the strength of Math&Sport: being able to observe an event during a match from different view points, not only describing a situation but looking for its generating causes. The path seems then to be traced: the algorithms will change the way people experience sports – not only coaches but fans. Math&Sport never stops and looks ahead, getting closer to Real Time and Augmented Reality.