Volley, the winning ace

How to improve the way a player serves? How is the setter developing the game? Math&Sport has developed two tools to find answers to these questions: SeTTEX and MOViDA.

These tools are used by the technical staff during training sessions and matches to give important informations to the players. The mission is clear: support the optimization of both team tactics and single player’s technical gesture.  

MOViDA For Volley

To study the way a player serves we use MOViDA (Movement’s Optimization, through Video and Data Analysis).

We place two cameras on the court during training sessions: one frames the player’s gesture, while the other focuses on the the ball trajectory. Each athletes of the team repeats the gesture during the session around thirty times.

At the end of the session, we process everything with specific algorithms, extract the ball path and the trajectories of the wrist, shoulder and pelvis; then we provide regularity indices.

In this way the behavior of the players is photographed and we build a 3D curve for each serve. Over time we monitor the curve and study the factors that influence this curve, giving suggestions on how to make the gesture closer to the best one the athlete makes.


SeTTEX (Second Touch Tactical Exploration) is an app for iOS & Android dedicated to the world of volleyball.

The App studies the game model of the setter in Real Time, during the games, thus foreseeing the causes that determine a certain pattern of play; thus allows coaches and match analysts to visualize important statistics and information on the setter of their own team or of the opposing team in an intuitive way, through a simple tablet.

SeTTEX can receive data on the setter’s behavior automatically or can be entered during the game by the technical staff.

Thanks to the application it is possible to predict the behavior of the players when certain conditions arise or to analyze the historical pattern.

Smart Data Platform Volley

In volleyball knowing team statistics is essential to analyze the matches and develop a strategy based on optimizing tactical performance.

To do this, in Math&Sport we have developed an online platform capable of managing the statistics of the teams competing in a league or a specific tournament.

At the end of each match, the scout-man loads the scout and video of the game. Our platform collects all the data in a database.

 Automatically, Smart Data Platform Volley performs advanced analyzes and makes them available to all teams. There are, for example, analyzes of a player’s dunks in a specific area of ​​the field; but there are also videos of games automatically cut out on specific actions.

The coaches can select and see, through an easy-to-use menu, the fundamentals and the relative analyzes that a given player or player puts in place, for example all the beats or the dunks of a given player.

In addition, our Web App provides performance indicators, team factor and score factor – which aim to enhance the performance of the players in an innovative and mathematical basis, evaluating their contribution to the team based on the fundamentals they perform in relation to the role they have.

At Math&Sport, we want volleyball to be viewed with a rigorous scientific approach. And in this, Smart Data Platform is the best tools for teams and leagues.


Between Philosophy and Future

At the Christmas dinner of the Moxoff group, some special guests shared their vision of the future for technology in the sports industry.

“MOVIDA” With the Volleyball National Team at Alassio (SV)

"MOVIDA" WITH THE VOLLEYBALL NATIONAL TEAM AT ALASSIO (SV) For the first time, MOViDA Real time was used: live performance data analysis on the serves’ of the players, with one goal: Tokyo 2020 On Sunday the 14th and Monday the 22nd of July, Math&Sport and MoxOff...

We have set Movida’s eye on my players and it has proved to be a must-have tool to analyze up to the smallest details and improve exactly where we need in order to be winners.

Michele Totire

volley coach

Giving an immediate feedback to the athletes during the game is crucial. Just the essential information, 100% reliable. Settex gives the exact perception of what the opposing setter is doing.

Andrea Giani

Powervolley Milano coach